voyage into the unknown

Voyage into the Unknown 2


Voyage Into The Unknown 2 (VITU2) was the second collaboration between Director/Producer partnership Nathan Hughes and Tom Betts. They stage themed events in unusual locations, with key elements being a sense of mystery and anticipation, and the transportation of audiences who actively participate in creating unique, memorable experiences.

As dusk fell on September 24th 2005, 150 'voyagers' travelled by double decker bus from the centre of Bristol to a secret location deep in the Gloucestershire countryside.

A diverse group of curated performers including Granzon Nodo, Simon Bookish, Jony Easterby and Lucy Bailey, supported an IATMJ re-score of Jacques Tourneur’s classic 'I Walked With A Zombie'.

This 1943 film holds a substantial reputation among movie aficionados for it's poetic quality and dream-like atmosphere.

Dramatic inter-play of landscape, architecture and audio-visual performance created an immersive experience with a cogent atmosphere, inspired by the brooding, occult sensibility of the film.

A particularly successful example of this was an installation by Muffled Visions, which echoed the 'zombie' wife's billowing dress in one of the film's iconic scenes.


Presented as part of Flicker 2005, in association with Watershed.

Voyage into the Unknown 2 was supported by a large number of individuals and organisations. We are very grateful to all of those who have helped out, including the following:

Flicker 2005 Watershed Media Centre Pedestrian Performing Right Society Foundation Arts Council England - Lottery Funded I Am The Mighty Jungulator